We are Sync Property
This is who we are and what we do.

We are an experienced and committed team, specialising in property management and the sales of properties in the beautiful Northern beaches of Cairns. It is our firm belief that sychronized property services can provide smooth, stress free, no pressure dealings for clients resulting in our clients achieving the highest returns and best possible outcomes in their property needs.

Over 24 years, this business has been around the block. We have had landlords with us for 10+ years; we know the markets and have helped our clients survive both good and bad times.


All staff are experienced and qualified property managers and/or sales agents. In 2005 we changed the focus of our servies to provide the effortless experience for our clients that works exceptionally well.


Our Team


 Rard Changizi

Rard Changizi


Being the primary licensed Agent, Rard Changizi, owner operator at Sync Property heads a group of talented people, with a passion for providing the ultimate experience to meet clients’ realty and property needs.

Originally experienced through corporate dealings in negotiation, sales, administration and relationship building, a customer-centric focus has always been key to Rard’s success. Established and still making his mark in the Cairns region he is noted for his expertise and integrity in residential sales/rentals, property management, commercial property sales/management and project management.

Rard’s hands on approach as owner and extensive expertise makes him an invaluable asset to any transaction that may also involve financing, legal services, in fact all of those important components of a client’s property needs from rentals through to project management. Rard is committed to providing so much more than a ‘realty’ firm.

The integrity, intelligence, humor, and energetic vigor he embodies appeals universally to all those with whom he does business. His wealth of experience and detailed knowledge of the industry, market and corresponding business needs of his clients, makes him a force to be reckoned with and ultimately exceptionally successful in providing synchronized services. His customers and clients have come to rely on the exceptional personalized service, attention to detail, and consistent results he provides.


Chelse Fellows

Chelsea Fellows

With nearly a decade of real estate experience representing realty throughout the Cairns region, Chelsea excels at both communication with all customers and fulfilling the discerning needs of clients seeking outstanding property management.

Chelsea has a reputation for her exceptional diligence, easy-to-approach demeanor and understanding of the market. She developed a passion for the business early on, which has blossomed into an accomplished career.

Born and raised a Queenslander, she has lived in the area for 15 years. When time outside of work permits, Chelsea’s favorite personal pastimes include both creative and outdoor activities. Her abilities in problem solving and finding solutions come easily from both sides of her brain being used at work and play.



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